2015 – BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society) Annual Meeting

October 7- October 10, 2015 in Tampa, Florida, USA

Mobile-Phone Based Microscopy for Imaging and Sizing of Single DNA Molecules

Q. Wei, W. Luo, S. Chiang, T. Kappel, C. Mejia, D. Tseng, R. Yan Lok Chan, E. Yan, H. Qi, F. Shabbir, H. Ozkan, S. Feng, and A. Ozcan

Computational Imaging of Pathology Slides Using Wide-Field On-Chip Microscopy

Y. Zhang, A. Greenbaum, A. Feizi, P-L. Chung, W. Luo, S. Kandukuri, and A. Ozcan