2016 – SPIE Photonics West, Optics and Biophotonics in Low-Resource Settings II

February 13 - February 18, 2016 in San Francisco, CA

Wavelength scanning achieves pixel super-resolution in holographic on-chip microscopy

W. Luo, Y. Zhang, A. Feizi, Z. Göröcs, A. Greenbaum, and A. Ozcan

A game-based crowd-sourcing platform for rapidly training middle and high school students to perform biomedical image analysis

S. Feng, MJ Woo, H. Kim, E. Kim, S. J. Ki, L. Shao, and A. Ozcan

Cellphone-based colorimetric microplate reader for point-of-care testing

B. Berg, B. Cortazar, D. Tseng, H. Ozkan, S. Feng, Q. Wei, R. Y. Chan, J. Burbano, Q. Farooqui, M. Lewinski, D. Di Carlo, O. B. Garner, and A. Ozcan

Rapid and sensitive detection of waterborne pathogens using machine learning on a smartphone based fluorescence microscope

H. Ceylan Koydemir, Z. Gorocs, D. Tseng, B. Cortazar, S. Feng, R. Y. L. Chan, J. Burbano, E. McLeod, and A. Ozcan

Wide-field synovial fluid imaging using polarized lens-free on-chip microscopy for point-of-care diagnostics of gout and pseugodout

Y. Zhang, S. Y. C. Lee, Y. Zhang, D. Furst, J. Fitzgerald and A. Ozcan

Single DNA imaging and length quantification through a mobile-phone microscope

Q. Wei, W. Luo, S. Chiang, T. Kappel, C. Mejia, D. Tseng, R. Y. Chan, E. Yan, H. Qi, F. Shabbir, H. Ozkan, S. Feng, and A. Ozcan