2017 – SPIE Photonics West, Optics and Biophotonics in Low-Resource Settings III

January 28 - February 2, 2017 in San Francisco, CA

Fusion of lens-free microscopy and mobile-phone microscopy images for high-color-accuracy and high-resolution pathology imaging

Y. Zhang, Y. Wu, Y. Zhang, and A. Ozcan

Cost-effective and label-free holographic biosensor for detection of Herpes Simplex Virus

Ray, H. Ho, M. Daloglu, A. Torres, E. McLeod, and A. Ozcan

A survey of supervised machine learning models for mobile-phone based pathogen identification and classification

H.C. Koydemir, S.W. Feng, K. Liang, R. Nadkarni, D. Tseng, P. Benien, and A. Ozcan

Yeast viability and concentration measurement using lens-free on-chip microscopy and machine learning

Feizi, Y. Zhang, A. Greenbaum, A. Guziak, M. Luong, R. Chan, B. Berg, W. Luo, M. Wu, Y. Wu, and A. Ozcan