High-throughput Lensfree Blood Analysis On a Chip published in Lab on a Chip (2010)

By S. Seo , S.O Isikman , I. Sencan , O. Mudanyali , T-W. Su , W. Bishara , A. Erlinger and A. Ozcan (2010)

We present a detailed investigation of the performance of lens-free holographic microscopy toward high-throughput on-chip blood analysis. Using a spatially incoherent source that is emanating from a large aperture, automated counting of red blood cells with minimal sample preparation steps at densities reaching up to 0.4 × 106 cells/?L is presented. Using the same lens-free holographic microscopy platform, we also characterize the volume of the red blood cells at the single-cell level through recovery of the optical phase information of each cell. We further demonstrate themeasurement of the hemoglobin concentration of whole blood samples as well as automated counting of white blood cells, also yielding spatialresolution at the subcellular level sufficient to differentiate granulocytes, monocytes, and lymphocytes from each other. These results uncover the prospects of lens-free holographic on-chip imaging to provide a useful tool for global health problems, especially by facilitating whole blood analysis in resource-poor environments.