On-Chip Cytometry using Plasmonic Nanoparticle Enhanced Lensfree Holography published in Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group) (2013)

By Q. Wei , E. McLeod , H. Qi , Z. Wan , R. Sun and A. Ozcan (2013)

Computational microscopy tools, in particular lensfree on-chip imaging, provide a large field-of-view along with a long depth-of-field, which makes it feasible to rapidly analyze large volumes of specimen using a compact and light-weight on-chip imaging architecture. To bring molecular specificity to this high-throughput platform, here we demonstrate the use of plasmon-resonant metallic nanoparticles to automatically recognize different cell types based on their plasmon-enhanced lensfree holograms, detected and reconstructed over a large field-of-view of e.g., ~24 mm2.